Episode 9: Achieving financial security with Pete Matthew

Most of us spend much more time planning our next vacation than we do our long term financial future: financial planning is tedious, depressing and requires us to address questions we’d rather avoid. I am certainly in the category of covering my bills, spending the rest and hoping the longer term takes care of itself.  But I realise with some shock that I am actually closer to retirement than graduation in terms of years: I should probably grab hold of this, and am using this week’s podcast to find out where to start!

There was only one person to talk to: financial guru and presenter of award-winning podcast Meaningful Money, Pete Matthew.   Pete has the rare gift of being able to discuss financial planning in a way that a) we can all understand and b) won’t put us to sleep.  In short, he is insightful AND entertaining!

In this podcast you will discover:

  • The three key questions you need to answer in order to achieve financial security
  • The one bad habit that virtually guarantees you will never be able to retire
  • Time-efficient ways of getting in control of your finances

Many of the facts and figures in the podcast relate to a UK resident, but the general principles apply wherever you live.

Pete himself is a fascinating example of how to leverage expertise to gain national and international profile via the internet. We talk a bit about his journey at the end of the interview.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of Pete and the Meaningful Money podcast. In one of the 150+ episodes I’m sure you will find an answer to your specific financial issue, so check it out here

Thanks so much for joining me this week. I’d be delighted to read about your experiences in the comment section below!

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ep 8

Ep 8: Introversion, limiting beliefs and me

A different approach this week – there’s no interviewee, just me! I lift the lid on an aspect of my personality that has had a significant impact on many areas of my life, and explain more about the inspiration for MidlifeMen, and an exciting development which I’ll be launching in the near future.

I honestly believe that those of us born introverts have a tougher time of it than our more extrovert brethren. This podcast explores this theme, and when you listen you will discover:

  • my thoughts on how “personality bias” is one of the great unaddressed areas of discrimination
  • how my own perception my “quieter” personality style created a whole load of limiting beliefs that were unhelpful to me
  • how men and women differ in terms of developing friendship groups

Next week we’ll be back to the usual format, where I will be talking to a personal finance expert on how to eliminate money hassles in midlife.

Hope you enjoy this one – as always, feel free to send me feedback at


Episode 7: Are you in a zombie marriage? – with Andrew G. Marshall

In midlife, work and family often dominate. Our intimate relationship can sometimes take a back seat – we coast along assuming everything is fine, until suddenly a cataclysmic event – infidelity, sudden separation – makes us see that the relationship has been badly neglected for a long time and that the fulcrum of our lives is possibly beyond repair.

Andrew G. Marshall is the UK’s leading marital therapist and author of the international best seller “I Love You but I’m Not in Love with You.” I interviewed Andrew to get the low-down on how to recognise the signs that we might be in a “zombie” marriage or relationship, and what we should do if we discover that, even though outward appearances might be fine, there are serious deficiencies in the relationship.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • What a zombie marriage looks like
  • What the first steps are to repairing a zombie marriage
  • The key question you need to be able to ask if you are to get your marriage or relationship back on track
  • The role of sex in a midlife marriage

Further details about Andrew, including his many books on relationships and intimacy, can be found here

Thanks for listening – as always, comments most welcome at


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